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Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. 
                     ~Pauline R. Kezer~

Services Provided

Individual & Family Therapy- 50 to 60 minute session focused on findings from psychosocial evaluation provided. Individual or group approach related to intimacy & trust, issues related to sexuality, parenting issues/ skills, work and career issues, self-esteem issues, stress management, conflict resolution, anxiety, grief, adolescent behavioral problems, trauma, eating disorders, teaching coping techniques, etc...  The other is focused on family desires, various problems, and building cohesiveness among all members. Christian counseling upon request. 

Pre-marital & Couples/Marriage Therapy50 to 60 minute session focused on solving couples and marriage issues identified in psychosocial evaluation related to separation, divorce, communication problems, infidelity, sexual problems, issues with money, unbalanced work commitments, lack of emotional intimacy, power struggles, and discord. Pre-marital sessions can be helpful for couples considering engagement, for couples who are already engaged, and for newly married couples. These sessions will address problem solving, conflict resolution, personality styles, family planning, effective communication, friends and relatives, finances, careers, home life, health habits, beliefs and values, and sexual intimacy. This counseling can be helpful for couples marrying for the first time as well as those who have had previous marriages.

Group Therapy- 45 to 60 minute group sessions focused on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Women's Issues, Divorce Support, Free Single Parenting Support, etc...

Resume Building/ Career Exploration - to obtain and discuss job related experiences along with desires and complete resume development and/or updates. 

Basic Mediation - effective and efficient conflict resolution meetings for small or large companies, domestic issues, co-parenting, tenant conflict, and other disagreements that arise. 

Tutoring - One on one face to face  tutoring for Math & Psychology​ courses along with GED, ACT, and SAT preparation.

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The final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.
                          ~Anne Frank~
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